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o2 Mobile Network bought by Telefonica

The Register announces O2 has agreed to sell to a spanish network.

O2 has agreed to be bought by Telefonica for £18bn as the Spanish telco looks to expand its operations into UK and Germany.
Mobile outfit O2 - which split from BT in 2001 - will retain its bubbly brand and keep its HQ in the UK. If all goes to plan and the deal get the thumbs up from regulators, it should be all wrapped up early next year.

What does this mean for UK mobile phone customers - probably not much really, pure speculation says maybe some cheaper calls when on holiday in Spain. Probably not though.

Samsung SCH M600 Mobile Phone

Samsung has just unveiled its new Samsung SCH M600 mobile phone. Its a lovely looking little phone with 3GB of storage and a 2MP camera built in. Are these little phones getting powerful or what?

Nokia 8800 Review

Mobile Burn has a good review of the top class Nokia 8800. As you know if you ever read this mobile phone blog, I am a big fan of utilitarian, down to earth mobile phones and the Nokia 8800 looks just the opposite. Doesnt matter though, sometimes these phones are just too sexy to dislike, which is the case with the Nokia 8800.

Pink Motorola

I like my phones silver or black. Just something Im used to I guess. However the clever folks at Motorola are now producing a Pink Motorola RAZR V3 for sale at the moment. Cant say Id go for it but I know a lot of people who would. Pink Motorolas, what next, rainbow toothpaste?

Nokia Secret Codes

I found recently that loads of people are searching for the term nokia secret codes. Perhaps Im missing some great conspiracy and with the right code you can actually get your nokia to turn into a fighting robot. Perhaps not. I did a search around and there are some codes around for nokia phones, but nothing I saw to confirm my conspiracy theory. Shame. Id like a phone that turned into a fighting robot!
Anyway, this post has codes for the nokia 5120.

Nokia 3250 Mobile Phone

nokia 3250
Just seen the info on the Nokia website for their new Nokia 3250 mobile phone. Gadgets - sure, gimmicks - sure, but above all, hugely powerful. With expandable memory to 1GB allowing up to 750 songs to be stored, it wipes the floor with the Motorola ROKR. 2GB camera is good enough for some nice prints and the twist function to access different buttons looks handy. Unfortunately its not available til the first quarter of next year though, so you wont be getting one for Christmas.
From the Nokia 3250 site:
Twist to access phone, camera, or music functions instantly
Play tracks and create playlists with the music player (MP3/eAAC+)
Memory expandable up to 1GB for 750 songs
Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, or email
Plug your own headphones into the connector jack in the headset cable
Snap photos and video with the integrated 2-megapixel digital camera
Share and publish your mobile memories via blogging

Motorola RAZR V3 in Black with Colour Screen on outside

Moto Razr V3 BLK
The Motorola RAZR V3 BLK phone appears to be exploding in popularity and its easy to see why. The Motorola RAZR V3 is an astounding looking phone and with the current special edition available in Black, it just seems truly space-age.

The special edition MOTO RAZR V3 is back in black. It’s expertly crafted to deliver exceptional performance. Inside the ultra-thin design are advanced features like MPEG4 video playback, Bluetooth® wireless technology, a digital camera and more. And with the precision cut keypad, minimalist styling and soft touch finish, the MOTO RAZR BLK looks just as beautiful as it performs.

3 Mobile Network TV Adverts

Most of the mobile phone networks make pretty slick, clever adverts for their services, usually involving celebrities. I can think of mobile phone network ads involving Gary Oldman, David Beckham, Spike Lee. The mobile network 3 has gone the other way though, making possibly the most surreal adverts on TV. The latest one involves a set of cartoon pandas acting out music videos. In the first a boy panda band tear their own hearts out, then we see a panda on a rack. All a bit disturbing really and unlikely to get me to move to that mobile network.

Scots not using hands free mobile phone car kits

According to Scotland on Sunday, police in Scotland have issued over 20 000 fines in less than two years for using mobile phones whilst driving. Seems like more people need to buy a cheap hands free mobile phone car kit. Youd think it would be a simple step for people to follow the law on using a mobile whilst driving, but more often than not if Im nearly in an accident on the road, the person in the other car has a mobile phone at their ear.

Motorola Rokr E1 mobile phone fails to rock

motorola rokr e1 mobile phone
The Motorola Rokr E1 is a Motorola mobile phone developed in partnership with iTunes to make the downloading and playing of MP3s easy for a phone user. Makes sense, no separate player required and youll never miss a call because you were listening to your iPod.
The problem most reviewers have (heres one Motorola Rokr E1 review) is that it only holds 100 songs ! Thats around 9 albums. Im just getting into MP3 on the move and the idea appeals to me, but lets face it, if youre going to pay for this kind of mobile phone technology you better be able to store your entire CD collection on it.

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