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Motorola Pebl

Motorola Pebl
Just seen the new Moto Pebl in an email from Motorola. Looks like a pebble, feels like a pebble. Wonder what happens if you try to skim it on a pond like a pebble? Well, clam shells belong under water dont they? Despite all the watery insinuations, Im pretty sure the Motorola Pebl is not waterproof. It does have phone, camera, video and bluetooth. Thanks to getting rid of the nasty little aerial from the design, this one will fit nicely in a pocket. I love the analogue clock that you can choose to display on the outer case screen - very smooth. Motorola voice activated dialing has also been included in the Pebl, something thats extremely handy when you go bluetooth headset in the car. Altogether a great looking little phone.

Nokia N91 Robust Mobile Phone ?

nokia n91 robust phone
According to engadget the Nokia N91 has been test-dropped 300+ times.

a very proud Nokia mechanical test engineer, who told him that the N91 survived a three hundred cycle drop test — the same kind that killed an iPod mini after only 12 drops. Well, we suppose that solves possible-problem number one with a hard drive-enabled cellphone;

Thats what I like to see. A mobile phone that doesnt have to be handled like an unboiled egg. Weve been able to throw walkie-talkies around for years, why not mobile phones. Well done Nokia.

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