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Sony Ericsson W800i review

Sony ericsson w800i
At the weekend my mate showed up with a shiny new Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone. Im a big Motorola fan and Ive never had a Sony Ericsson mobile but Im due for an upgrade and rather than going for the common as muck Moto RAZR Im thinking about switching to another brand.
So I went looking for a Sony Ericsson W800i review and found one at:
Theyve also got loads of consumer reviews and the Sony Ericsson W800i seems to be viewed in a very good light. Im not going to list all the features here, suffice to say it has everything that any other phone on the market has, all in the one body.
The thing that impressed me most with my mates W800i was the flash for the camera which doubles as an SOS beacon! Brilliant - so when youre out of signal range you can still call for help. Im well impressed.

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