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Nokia 5140 shockproof, splashproof phone

nokia 5140 durable phone
Ive finally found a phone that Id be happy to own - the Nokia 5140. Rubber bits to stop shocks, water resistance if it gets splashed - great, everything Ive been looking for. Then come the gadgets - camera, compass, torch, descibel meter ?!?. The Nokia 5140 is definitely the phone I now want. OK it might be getting a little dated, but not by more than 6-8 months. Id still rather have this than a Pebl.
So in search of a Nokia 5140 I have a look round all the usual suspects in mobile phone sales - carphone warehouse, link, phones 4u - none of them have it listed, so it looks like I wont be able to upgrade to it. In desperation Im looking to buy one now second hand off ebay. There are lots there, and who knows i might just get a bargain. If its everything it sounds like, and if I win one on ebay, and itll take my existing SIM, the Nokia 5140 could be the best phone Ive almost had.

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