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Nokia 6111 - pick a technology already!

nokia 6111
Another smart phone from Nokia, the 6111 is slide-open mobile phone. The Nokia 6111 looks great but if you are looking for a camera in a phone then perhaps keep looking, as the Nokia 6111 camera is only running at 1MB photos. OK for passport photos perhaps but not for anything bigger. Not quite why they bother with WAP on the Nokia 6111 when theyve got GPRS built-in but Im sure someone more technical than me could explain. Also with the Nokia 6111 do you really need infra red when youve got bluetooth. Stop trying to be everything to everyone, pick a technology and roll with it.
The Nokia 6111 mobile phone is a stylish slide-open handset packed with the latest technology. The Nokia 6111 integrates a 1 megapixel camera and a sharp colour display. These features combine well with the 6111’s Bluetooth™ and GPRS connectivity allowing high-resolution photos to be taken and sent to friends easily.

The stunning Nokia 6111 also features WAP 2.0 support a media player and Java™ compatibility for hassle free downloads of new applications and games!

- Stylish slide-open design
- 1 megapixel camera with 6 x zoom and flash
- 262K colour TFT display
- FM stereo radio
- XHTML Internet browser
- Support for Java™ MDIP 2.0
- E-mail client
- Infrared

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