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Motorola Pebl - is it more than just a fancy opening phone?

Motorola Pebl
Whenever anyone shows you their new Moto Pebl, all they want to do is show you the way the Pebl opens and closes. Dead smooth, nice click etc. So how would you review the phone? I ask. Well, you know its kinda like any other phone. But did I show you how nicely it opens and closes?. I supose in fairness, the pebls voice recognition is a step forward, the camera isnt a massive resolution but the Pebble shaped design is nice. All in all, I wouldnt say no to a Motorola Pebl if I was getting it free.

The Motorola PEBL U6 mobile phone is a compact and stylish device created for those who appreciate great design. With a deft touch the PEBL U6 opens automatically to reveal an attractive keypad and large 262K colour display. This is perfect for playing the pre-installed Java™ games and taking photos with the Motorola U6’s VGA camera.

However despite its great looks the Motorola PEBL U6 isn’t just a style statement for the fashion conscious it’s packed with great features. Speaker independent voice recognition means you can control your phone by speaking (regardless of your accent!) while EDGE (Enhance Data for Global Evolution) technology and WAP 2.0 mean that the Internet has never been more accessible via a mobile phone!

# Smooth oval shape
# Automated opening
# Internal 262K TFT colour display (176 x 220 pixels)
# WAP 2.0
# E-mail client
# Speaker independent voice recognition
# EDGE (Enhance Data for Global Evolution)
# Bluetooth™ (V.2)

Get the Motorola Pebl U6 Free here

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