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Free Sony Ericsson W800i with Free Ipod Nano

Sony Ericsson W800i with free Ipod
When the mobile shops start giving away a phone that contains a music player, then bundling a separate iPod with it youve gotta wonder how well the music player in the W800i works. Not to mention that Sony would probably bust a blood vessel if they realised their product was being sweetened with a free Apple product. Perhaps the phone should be getting bundled with a Sony Bean or Walkman MP3 player?
The Sony Ericsson W800i Free with Free iPod bundle is here at a tarrif around £35 per month.

Moto Razr on BT Fusion

BT have an interesting offering just now where you get a free Motorola Razr on a package costing around a tenner a month for people who are already BT broadband customers. There seems to be some clever gadgetry going on to make any calls you make from home go through your broadband connection. This broadband bit sounds rather similar to VOIP ala Skype, MSN etc except that you pay BT standard rates for it.
In essence though the deal is:

  • Free Motorola Razr
  • £10 per month including free minutes bundle
  • Calls made at home are charged at standard BT rates instead of using your bundles minutes
  • Youve got to be a BT broadband customer to use this service

Personally Id prefer to keep my mobile and broadband providers separate because of the hassle of changing everything over if you ever decided BT Fusion wasnt for you. I do like the idea though of how everything is starting to merge together and I can see this being developed a lot more to include other services and push everything through your broadband connection.

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