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Motorola V3B and BT Fusion

Just before the weekend I took delivery of a new phone - A Motorola V3B which is essentially a Moto Razr but packaged up with a bit of BT jiggerypokery. The whole Fusion deal comes from BT. In essence they send you a phone and a new broadband router. Setting up the BT Fusion broadband router didnt take too long at all, though it was important to follow through the instructions to the letter. After that my V3B had a blue flashing light on the front indicating I was connected by Bluetooth to the router.

I know I said Id prefer to keep my mobile and broadband providers separate but the deal was too good to miss so now everything is BT again.

BT Fusion with the V3B means that you have a standard mobile when you are out and about, with a standard mobile contract. When you get home though, within range of the BT fusion router the phone changes networks to send any calls down through the broadband connection (a bit like VoIP). Because of this you get cheap calls when you are at home and they dont detract from your contract minutes which you use when away from home.

Downsides are that people calling you on your BT Fusion phone have to pay to call a mobile whether you are at home or not. Also if you want to send a picture or media message to anyone you have to disconnect from the bluetooth manually and go back to the BT mobile network.

Im sure Ill have a better review of the BT Fusion service with the Motorola V3B in the future once Ive had more time to play with it.


  1. Hi, Ive just got BT Fusion today, and Im still a bit confused by it all.

    I have now established that my 100 free texts and 200 minutes call time is for when Im out and about, and when I am home I can call people from my mobile at landline rates.

    But, what I want to know is, will I get a seperate bill from BT?

    I already have my home phone and broadband with BT, but dont know if this is all one package now.

    The salesman over the phone told me I had 6 months free line rental or something.

    I need to know, if I make calls from my Motorola phone while at home, will these calls be charged to my BT phonebill or a seperate mobile phonebill?

    Comment by Bud December 10, 2006 @ 1:13 am

  2. Yes, the free minutes are only for when you are out and about and that sucks a bit.
    I get a completely separate bill for the fusion phone from BT. All the calls you make through it whether mobile or from the mobile while at home are on this separate bill.
    Watch out on the free broadband offer (I dont know if they are still doing it) I was meant to get 3 months free broadband when I took the contract and it still has not been applied to my broadband account. Chancers.

    Comment by Freebiephones January 2, 2007 @ 10:28 pm

  3. i finished my bt fusion 1 year contract at the end of january and i am still waiting for my cashback (£72.00) 20/03/2007. i have telephoned the help line over two days and they do not answer the phone. ialso have emailed a complaint to bt, but alas,up to now still no answer there either. CHANCERS INDEED!!!. i will wait a little longer then its watchdog press or anybody that will listen.

    Comment by laurie kay March 20, 2007 @ 12:17 pm

  4. Ive received a V3b from BT, and have found that its very poor regarding getting a signal compared to my previous Motorola phone. if BT dont get this sorted asap Im ripping up the contract; in addition I feel a bit peeved over the free minutes situation as the poster above.

    Comment by Andrew March 26, 2007 @ 6:15 pm

  5. surely if you want the free minutes that apply when you are out of range of the router when you are at home you could simply switch off the router!

    does the v3b come with a micro-sd slot?

    Comment by rich November 13, 2007 @ 12:57 am

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