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Google Reader on your mobile phone

If you are a heavy blog reader like me youll be interested to know that you can now get Google reader on your mobile device. Not sure Id want to read through the large number of posts on a small mobile screen, but if you had a mobile device with a bigger screen then this might be just for you. Point at http://www.google.com/reader/m to get it.

Motorola V3B and BT Fusion

Just before the weekend I took delivery of a new phone - A Motorola V3B which is essentially a Moto Razr but packaged up with a bit of BT jiggerypokery. The whole Fusion deal comes from BT. In essence they send you a phone and a new broadband router. Setting up the BT Fusion broadband router didnt take too long at all, though it was important to follow through the instructions to the letter. After that my V3B had a blue flashing light on the front indicating I was connected by Bluetooth to the router.

I know I said Id prefer to keep my mobile and broadband providers separate but the deal was too good to miss so now everything is BT again.

BT Fusion with the V3B means that you have a standard mobile when you are out and about, with a standard mobile contract. When you get home though, within range of the BT fusion router the phone changes networks to send any calls down through the broadband connection (a bit like VoIP). Because of this you get cheap calls when you are at home and they dont detract from your contract minutes which you use when away from home.

Downsides are that people calling you on your BT Fusion phone have to pay to call a mobile whether you are at home or not. Also if you want to send a picture or media message to anyone you have to disconnect from the bluetooth manually and go back to the BT mobile network.

Im sure Ill have a better review of the BT Fusion service with the Motorola V3B in the future once Ive had more time to play with it.

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