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Mobile Phones make us late and rude

This is an article from the BBC about how mobile phones are a catalyst in us being less punctual and displaying our rudeness. I agree entirely with it.

Free Motorola V3 Ringtones

One of the gadgets that came with the Motorola V3 I received last month was a USB cable and some software called Motorola Phone Tools. Initially I was using it to transfer photos to my PC but then came across a ringtone feature in the software. This lets you take MP3s that youve got stored in your computer and edit them down to a ringtone then transfer them to your phone. It works really easily and thanks to this Ive now got free ringtones for my Motorola V3.
The Ringtone generator allows you to take a sippet from the song you want so that you are not filling your phones memory with the entire file. The transfer takes just a few seconds and I doubt Ill ever pay for a ringtone again. Free Motorola ringtones - superb.

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