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Nokia 6280 Review

Nokia 6280
The Nokia 6280 is another slide open design from Nokia. The 6280 has a 2 MP camera which brings it in-line with many other phones on the market. The 84 MB internal memory in the 6280 is impressive, but the support for Mini SD memory helps you boost it much further. Thanks to being able to extend the memory makes the Nokia 6280 a pretty useful MP3 player too.

Nokia 6280 Features:

  • Nokia 6280 slide-open case
  • Two-way video calling capability due to the way the camera is sited
  • Two integrated digital cameras: 2 megapixel and VGA - one for video calling one for decent shots
  • Nokia High-resolution 262K colour display
  • Multimedia player
  • E-mail client supports SMTP POP3 IMAP4
  • Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Bluetoothâ„¢

Nokia 6280 Reviews:
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Buy the Nokia 6280
Order the Nokia 6280 free here.

Nokia 6111 Review

nokia 6111
The Nokia 6111 phone has been around for a little while now, so why include it here? Well in my view its everything a phone should be. The Nokia 6111 has ease of use comparable to all Nokias. The 6111 has a protected keypad with the slide opening thing. The Nokia 6111 is compact but fits easily in your hand, and finally its got just enough of a camera to take the odd snapshot, but not enough to fool you into thinking your a photographer or something. Overall reviews of the quality of the Nokia 6111 are not good though - hopefully this was just teething problems.

Read the Nokia 6111 review at Mobile-review.com
Read the review of the Nokia 6111 at Mobile Phones UK (contains all those faulty 6111 quality issues)

Motorola Razr V3m Review

moto v3
Verizons release of the Motorola Razr V3m for around USD70 has created some great reviews. A 1 GB memory card will give the V3m enough memory to store a lot of songs. Hopefully it will be available in the UK soon.
In the meantime, CNN net reviews the Motorola V3m:

The Motorola Razr V3m adds an integrated music player, VZ Navigator (Verizons GPS navigation service), and a Micro SD card slot. Like the V3c, it has a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, EV-DO support, and access to Verizons 3G service.

and InfosyncWorld reviews the Motorola V3m like this:

The RAZR V3m improves on the sleek, eye-catching looks of its wildly-popular by adding much-needed microSD memory expansion

Using mobile phones in a thunderstorm

The Register has an article on how it is a bad idea to use a mobile phone during a thunderstorm.
Apparently if you are hit by lightning normally there is a good chance that the charge will carry to the ground on the outside of your skin unless you give it an access point into your body by holding something metal against your ear for instance.
Sadly the article comes because of a girl hit by lightning whilst using her mobile phone.

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