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Using mobile phones in a thunderstorm

The Register has an article on how it is a bad idea to use a mobile phone during a thunderstorm.
Apparently if you are hit by lightning normally there is a good chance that the charge will carry to the ground on the outside of your skin unless you give it an access point into your body by holding something metal against your ear for instance.
Sadly the article comes because of a girl hit by lightning whilst using her mobile phone.

Mobile Phones make us late and rude

This is an article from the BBC about how mobile phones are a catalyst in us being less punctual and displaying our rudeness. I agree entirely with it.

Scots not using hands free mobile phone car kits

According to Scotland on Sunday, police in Scotland have issued over 20 000 fines in less than two years for using mobile phones whilst driving. Seems like more people need to buy a cheap hands free mobile phone car kit. Youd think it would be a simple step for people to follow the law on using a mobile whilst driving, but more often than not if Im nearly in an accident on the road, the person in the other car has a mobile phone at their ear.

Rapid Universal Mobile Phone Charger

This mobile phone press release on emediawire is introducing a desktop mobile phone charger from Teleadapt that will charge up any mobile phone in 20 minutes. Sounds like they are aiming it at large companies to buy as a service for their customers - hotels, airline lounges, meeting rooms etc. Combine that with the mobile phone creche we saw a few months ago in a restaurant and your mobile will be well looked after.

Mobile Insurance a Waste of Money

According to this mobile phone article in the Guardian, mobile phone insurance is a waste of money, is often invalidated withouth the customer knowing and most people could save around £100 per year if they didnt have it. Apparently a handset could be replaced for around £40.
It said though that cover for unauthorised calls isnt taken into account. Surely this is the main reason for having the insurance. I have a friend who had £1200 of unauthorised calls on his stolen phone. He wished he had taken the insurance.

UK Mobile Phone Sales and Mobile Insurance

If you are looking for a mobile deal thats not from one of the big high st mobile phone shops, please have a browse around http://freebiephones.2u.co.uk - theyve got loads of phones and packages to suit everyone. Theyre mobile phone insurance is also pretty damn good at less than 6 quid a month.

Please bear with me

I know it looks like Im just copying and pasting a load of random exerpts into this site at the moment. Im just changing over from my old mobile phone site and found the cutn'paste method the easiest way of transferring all the old phones across. It will find some kind of order soon, honest!

Freebiephones new format

Freebiephones is taking up a new format from today in order to help me keep it updated easier. More news, new phones, new camera phones etc, less dross. Thats the idea anyway.
Please bear with me while I get all the new pages added. Sorry if you cant find what youre looking for at the moment.

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