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Motorola Razr V3m Review

moto v3
Verizons release of the Motorola Razr V3m for around USD70 has created some great reviews. A 1 GB memory card will give the V3m enough memory to store a lot of songs. Hopefully it will be available in the UK soon.
In the meantime, CNN net reviews the Motorola V3m:

The Motorola Razr V3m adds an integrated music player, VZ Navigator (Verizons GPS navigation service), and a Micro SD card slot. Like the V3c, it has a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, EV-DO support, and access to Verizons 3G service.

and InfosyncWorld reviews the Motorola V3m like this:

The RAZR V3m improves on the sleek, eye-catching looks of its wildly-popular by adding much-needed microSD memory expansion

Free Motorola V3 Ringtones

One of the gadgets that came with the Motorola V3 I received last month was a USB cable and some software called Motorola Phone Tools. Initially I was using it to transfer photos to my PC but then came across a ringtone feature in the software. This lets you take MP3s that youve got stored in your computer and edit them down to a ringtone then transfer them to your phone. It works really easily and thanks to this Ive now got free ringtones for my Motorola V3.
The Ringtone generator allows you to take a sippet from the song you want so that you are not filling your phones memory with the entire file. The transfer takes just a few seconds and I doubt Ill ever pay for a ringtone again. Free Motorola ringtones - superb.

Motorola V3B and BT Fusion

Just before the weekend I took delivery of a new phone - A Motorola V3B which is essentially a Moto Razr but packaged up with a bit of BT jiggerypokery. The whole Fusion deal comes from BT. In essence they send you a phone and a new broadband router. Setting up the BT Fusion broadband router didnt take too long at all, though it was important to follow through the instructions to the letter. After that my V3B had a blue flashing light on the front indicating I was connected by Bluetooth to the router.

I know I said Id prefer to keep my mobile and broadband providers separate but the deal was too good to miss so now everything is BT again.

BT Fusion with the V3B means that you have a standard mobile when you are out and about, with a standard mobile contract. When you get home though, within range of the BT fusion router the phone changes networks to send any calls down through the broadband connection (a bit like VoIP). Because of this you get cheap calls when you are at home and they dont detract from your contract minutes which you use when away from home.

Downsides are that people calling you on your BT Fusion phone have to pay to call a mobile whether you are at home or not. Also if you want to send a picture or media message to anyone you have to disconnect from the bluetooth manually and go back to the BT mobile network.

Im sure Ill have a better review of the BT Fusion service with the Motorola V3B in the future once Ive had more time to play with it.

Moto Razr on BT Fusion

BT have an interesting offering just now where you get a free Motorola Razr on a package costing around a tenner a month for people who are already BT broadband customers. There seems to be some clever gadgetry going on to make any calls you make from home go through your broadband connection. This broadband bit sounds rather similar to VOIP ala Skype, MSN etc except that you pay BT standard rates for it.
In essence though the deal is:

  • Free Motorola Razr
  • £10 per month including free minutes bundle
  • Calls made at home are charged at standard BT rates instead of using your bundles minutes
  • Youve got to be a BT broadband customer to use this service

Personally Id prefer to keep my mobile and broadband providers separate because of the hassle of changing everything over if you ever decided BT Fusion wasnt for you. I do like the idea though of how everything is starting to merge together and I can see this being developed a lot more to include other services and push everything through your broadband connection.

Motorola Pebl - is it more than just a fancy opening phone?

Motorola Pebl
Whenever anyone shows you their new Moto Pebl, all they want to do is show you the way the Pebl opens and closes. Dead smooth, nice click etc. So how would you review the phone? I ask. Well, you know its kinda like any other phone. But did I show you how nicely it opens and closes?. I supose in fairness, the pebls voice recognition is a step forward, the camera isnt a massive resolution but the Pebble shaped design is nice. All in all, I wouldnt say no to a Motorola Pebl if I was getting it free.

The Motorola PEBL U6 mobile phone is a compact and stylish device created for those who appreciate great design. With a deft touch the PEBL U6 opens automatically to reveal an attractive keypad and large 262K colour display. This is perfect for playing the pre-installed Java™ games and taking photos with the Motorola U6’s VGA camera.

However despite its great looks the Motorola PEBL U6 isn’t just a style statement for the fashion conscious it’s packed with great features. Speaker independent voice recognition means you can control your phone by speaking (regardless of your accent!) while EDGE (Enhance Data for Global Evolution) technology and WAP 2.0 mean that the Internet has never been more accessible via a mobile phone!

# Smooth oval shape
# Automated opening
# Internal 262K TFT colour display (176 x 220 pixels)
# WAP 2.0
# E-mail client
# Speaker independent voice recognition
# EDGE (Enhance Data for Global Evolution)
# Bluetoothâ„¢ (V.2)

Get the Motorola Pebl U6 Free here

Motorola Pebl

Motorola Pebl
Just seen the new Moto Pebl in an email from Motorola. Looks like a pebble, feels like a pebble. Wonder what happens if you try to skim it on a pond like a pebble? Well, clam shells belong under water dont they? Despite all the watery insinuations, Im pretty sure the Motorola Pebl is not waterproof. It does have phone, camera, video and bluetooth. Thanks to getting rid of the nasty little aerial from the design, this one will fit nicely in a pocket. I love the analogue clock that you can choose to display on the outer case screen - very smooth. Motorola voice activated dialing has also been included in the Pebl, something thats extremely handy when you go bluetooth headset in the car. Altogether a great looking little phone.

Pink Motorola

I like my phones silver or black. Just something Im used to I guess. However the clever folks at Motorola are now producing a Pink Motorola RAZR V3 for sale at the moment. Cant say Id go for it but I know a lot of people who would. Pink Motorolas, what next, rainbow toothpaste?

Motorola RAZR V3 in Black with Colour Screen on outside

Moto Razr V3 BLK
The Motorola RAZR V3 BLK phone appears to be exploding in popularity and its easy to see why. The Motorola RAZR V3 is an astounding looking phone and with the current special edition available in Black, it just seems truly space-age.

The special edition MOTO RAZR V3 is back in black. It’s expertly crafted to deliver exceptional performance. Inside the ultra-thin design are advanced features like MPEG4 video playback, Bluetooth® wireless technology, a digital camera and more. And with the precision cut keypad, minimalist styling and soft touch finish, the MOTO RAZR BLK looks just as beautiful as it performs.

Motorola Rokr E1 mobile phone fails to rock

motorola rokr e1 mobile phone
The Motorola Rokr E1 is a Motorola mobile phone developed in partnership with iTunes to make the downloading and playing of MP3s easy for a phone user. Makes sense, no separate player required and youll never miss a call because you were listening to your iPod.
The problem most reviewers have (heres one Motorola Rokr E1 review) is that it only holds 100 songs ! Thats around 9 albums. Im just getting into MP3 on the move and the idea appeals to me, but lets face it, if youre going to pay for this kind of mobile phone technology you better be able to store your entire CD collection on it.

Motorola MPx220

motorola mpx220
The Motorola MPx220 mobile phone with Windows Mobileâ„¢ software makes global connectivity easier and more flexible. For capturing and sharing the instant moments in life the Motorola MPx220 offers an integrated 1.2 megapixel camera with flash and advanced multimedia messaging service (MMS).

The Motorola MPx220 ahs Pocket Internet Explorer® and Pocket Outlook® so the busy professional will always be able to access the Internet or their email. The Motorola MPx220 is the ideal solution for bringing your life together on the move.

Motorola MPx220 features

Tri band
Ingegrated VGA Camera with flash
Video clip playback with sound
MP3 player
Multimedia messaging Service (MMS)
Polyphonic MP3 ringtones
Rhythm lights
Picture phonebook

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