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Motorola E1000

Motorola E1000
We like the Motorola E1000. Why? well first off it is a phone that works as a phone - not an mp3 player with a phone bolted on. The E1000 is designed much like a next generation phone, making sure teh built in camera faces the user so it can be used as a video phone.

The camera built into the Motorola E1000 is excellent and stores 1.2MPixels. It can also be used sideways!?! to make the most of the screen in video mode.

Then youve got the bolt-ons for the Motorola E1000 - MP3 player with Stereo sound! memory sockets, games, excellent ringtones etc. The E1000 is one of our favourite phones this year.

Motorola E1000 Features

# 1.2 Mega-pixel VGA integrated camera
# 262K Colour screen
# Video Recorder
# Tri Band
# Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
# Bluetooth™
# 2 Way video conferencing
# Push-to-talk functionality
# APGS (Assisted global positioning system)
# MP3 ringtones - 3D stereo sound

Motorola E398

Motorola E398
The Motorola E398 mobile phone will blast your senses with its digital music player. Listen to your favourite music with 3D stereo speakers and CD quality sound on the move.

The Motorola E398 is bursting with stunning features like an integrated digital camera with flash video clip playback and rhythm lights to really make your phone come alive and be noticed in a crowd!

Use your Motorola E398 to play games and enjoy pumping sound vibration and colourful lights with every move. Featuring Multimedia Messaging Service Bluetooth™ and polyphonic ringtones the Motorola E398 will blow your mind!

Motorola E398 features

Tri band
Ingegrated VGA Camera with flash
Video clip playback with sound
MP3 player
Multimedia messaging Service (MMS)
Polyphonic MP3 ringtones
Rhythm lights
Picture phonebook

Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3
The Moto Razr V3 is the highest styles phone Motorola have produced to date. The Razr has an ultra thin aircraft aluminium case. The Motorola Razr also has Bluetooth, Hands-free technology and a digital camera. MPEG video playback has also been included in the Moto Razr. All the other standard Motorola features have been packed into the tiny case of the Razr, including voice dialling, voice memo, vibrating ring, alarm clock etc. The Motorola Razr is absolutely superb phone. I want one!

Motorola C651

Motorola C651

The Motorola C651 mobile phone is stylish compact and light. Equipped with an integrated VGA camera with 4x zoom facility to capture all of those special moments.

On the Motorola C651 you can listen to MP3 ringtones and polyphonic tunes or even compose your own sounds with the Motorola Motomixer. Enjoy handsfree Motorola C651 conversation with the integrated loudspeaker for making calls when you’ve got your hands full.

For a complete range of features in a well presented package the Motorola C651 is a handset that will fit your requirements.

Motorola C651 features

65K Colour screen
Integrated VGA camera
MP3 and polyphonic ringtones
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Picture caller ID
Integrated handsfree speaker

Motorola A1000

Motorola A1000

The Motorola A1000 mobile phone is the ultimate 3G convergence that allows you to do almost everything while looking stylish. With the Motorola A1000, take your work on the road review documents and open up a new way to communicate with two-way video-conferencing capabilities.

The Motorola A1000 is not just for work take video and pictures with the integrated 1.2 mega-pixel camera with zoom bringing your snapshots streaming video and images to another level.

The Motorola A1000 is a smart phone for a smarter you!

Motorola A1000 features

1.2 Mega-pixel VGA integrated camera
65K Colour screen
Video Recorder
MP3 Polyphonic ringtones
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Picsel™ Document Viewer
2 Way video conferencing
In-Built hands-free speakerphone

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