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Moto Razr on BT Fusion

BT have an interesting offering just now where you get a free Motorola Razr on a package costing around a tenner a month for people who are already BT broadband customers. There seems to be some clever gadgetry going on to make any calls you make from home go through your broadband connection. This broadband bit sounds rather similar to VOIP ala Skype, MSN etc except that you pay BT standard rates for it.
In essence though the deal is:

  • Free Motorola Razr
  • £10 per month including free minutes bundle
  • Calls made at home are charged at standard BT rates instead of using your bundles minutes
  • Youve got to be a BT broadband customer to use this service

Personally Id prefer to keep my mobile and broadband providers separate because of the hassle of changing everything over if you ever decided BT Fusion wasnt for you. I do like the idea though of how everything is starting to merge together and I can see this being developed a lot more to include other services and push everything through your broadband connection.

o2 Mobile Network bought by Telefonica

The Register announces O2 has agreed to sell to a spanish network.

O2 has agreed to be bought by Telefonica for £18bn as the Spanish telco looks to expand its operations into UK and Germany.
Mobile outfit O2 - which split from BT in 2001 - will retain its bubbly brand and keep its HQ in the UK. If all goes to plan and the deal get the thumbs up from regulators, it should be all wrapped up early next year.

What does this mean for UK mobile phone customers - probably not much really, pure speculation says maybe some cheaper calls when on holiday in Spain. Probably not though.

3 Mobile Network TV Adverts

Most of the mobile phone networks make pretty slick, clever adverts for their services, usually involving celebrities. I can think of mobile phone network ads involving Gary Oldman, David Beckham, Spike Lee. The mobile network 3 has gone the other way though, making possibly the most surreal adverts on TV. The latest one involves a set of cartoon pandas acting out music videos. In the first a boy panda band tear their own hearts out, then we see a panda on a rack. All a bit disturbing really and unlikely to get me to move to that mobile network.

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