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Nokia N97 Video

Really liking the look of the new Nokia N97 scheduled for release in the 2nd quarter of 2009. The full keyboard will make it a blackberry squasher and with all of the iphone-like features, Nokia will hope this one regains some market share for them.

Nokia 6280 Review

Nokia 6280
The Nokia 6280 is another slide open design from Nokia. The 6280 has a 2 MP camera which brings it in-line with many other phones on the market. The 84 MB internal memory in the 6280 is impressive, but the support for Mini SD memory helps you boost it much further. Thanks to being able to extend the memory makes the Nokia 6280 a pretty useful MP3 player too.

Nokia 6280 Features:

  • Nokia 6280 slide-open case
  • Two-way video calling capability due to the way the camera is sited
  • Two integrated digital cameras: 2 megapixel and VGA - one for video calling one for decent shots
  • Nokia High-resolution 262K colour display
  • Multimedia player
  • E-mail client supports SMTP POP3 IMAP4
  • Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Bluetoothâ„¢

Nokia 6280 Reviews:
Read the Nokia 6280 review at Mobile Phones UK
View the Nokia 6280 review at 3G.co.uk

Buy the Nokia 6280
Order the Nokia 6280 free here.

Nokia 6111 Review

nokia 6111
The Nokia 6111 phone has been around for a little while now, so why include it here? Well in my view its everything a phone should be. The Nokia 6111 has ease of use comparable to all Nokias. The 6111 has a protected keypad with the slide opening thing. The Nokia 6111 is compact but fits easily in your hand, and finally its got just enough of a camera to take the odd snapshot, but not enough to fool you into thinking your a photographer or something. Overall reviews of the quality of the Nokia 6111 are not good though - hopefully this was just teething problems.

Read the Nokia 6111 review at Mobile-review.com
Read the review of the Nokia 6111 at Mobile Phones UK (contains all those faulty 6111 quality issues)

Nokia 6111 - pick a technology already!

nokia 6111
Another smart phone from Nokia, the 6111 is slide-open mobile phone. The Nokia 6111 looks great but if you are looking for a camera in a phone then perhaps keep looking, as the Nokia 6111 camera is only running at 1MB photos. OK for passport photos perhaps but not for anything bigger. Not quite why they bother with WAP on the Nokia 6111 when theyve got GPRS built-in but Im sure someone more technical than me could explain. Also with the Nokia 6111 do you really need infra red when youve got bluetooth. Stop trying to be everything to everyone, pick a technology and roll with it.
The Nokia 6111 mobile phone is a stylish slide-open handset packed with the latest technology. The Nokia 6111 integrates a 1 megapixel camera and a sharp colour display. These features combine well with the 6111’s Bluetooth™ and GPRS connectivity allowing high-resolution photos to be taken and sent to friends easily.

The stunning Nokia 6111 also features WAP 2.0 support a media player and Javaâ„¢ compatibility for hassle free downloads of new applications and games!

- Stylish slide-open design
- 1 megapixel camera with 6 x zoom and flash
- 262K colour TFT display
- FM stereo radio
- XHTML Internet browser
- Support for Javaâ„¢ MDIP 2.0
- E-mail client
- Infrared

Get the Nokia 6111 Free here

Nokia 5140 shockproof, splashproof phone

nokia 5140 durable phone
Ive finally found a phone that Id be happy to own - the Nokia 5140. Rubber bits to stop shocks, water resistance if it gets splashed - great, everything Ive been looking for. Then come the gadgets - camera, compass, torch, descibel meter ?!?. The Nokia 5140 is definitely the phone I now want. OK it might be getting a little dated, but not by more than 6-8 months. Id still rather have this than a Pebl.
So in search of a Nokia 5140 I have a look round all the usual suspects in mobile phone sales - carphone warehouse, link, phones 4u - none of them have it listed, so it looks like I wont be able to upgrade to it. In desperation Im looking to buy one now second hand off ebay. There are lots there, and who knows i might just get a bargain. If its everything it sounds like, and if I win one on ebay, and itll take my existing SIM, the Nokia 5140 could be the best phone Ive almost had.

Nokia N91 Robust Mobile Phone ?

nokia n91 robust phone
According to engadget the Nokia N91 has been test-dropped 300+ times.

a very proud Nokia mechanical test engineer, who told him that the N91 survived a three hundred cycle drop test — the same kind that killed an iPod mini after only 12 drops. Well, we suppose that solves possible-problem number one with a hard drive-enabled cellphone;

Thats what I like to see. A mobile phone that doesnt have to be handled like an unboiled egg. Weve been able to throw walkie-talkies around for years, why not mobile phones. Well done Nokia.

Nokia 8800 Review

Mobile Burn has a good review of the top class Nokia 8800. As you know if you ever read this mobile phone blog, I am a big fan of utilitarian, down to earth mobile phones and the Nokia 8800 looks just the opposite. Doesnt matter though, sometimes these phones are just too sexy to dislike, which is the case with the Nokia 8800.

Nokia Secret Codes

I found recently that loads of people are searching for the term nokia secret codes. Perhaps Im missing some great conspiracy and with the right code you can actually get your nokia to turn into a fighting robot. Perhaps not. I did a search around and there are some codes around for nokia phones, but nothing I saw to confirm my conspiracy theory. Shame. Id like a phone that turned into a fighting robot!
Anyway, this post has codes for the nokia 5120.

Nokia 3250 Mobile Phone

nokia 3250
Just seen the info on the Nokia website for their new Nokia 3250 mobile phone. Gadgets - sure, gimmicks - sure, but above all, hugely powerful. With expandable memory to 1GB allowing up to 750 songs to be stored, it wipes the floor with the Motorola ROKR. 2GB camera is good enough for some nice prints and the twist function to access different buttons looks handy. Unfortunately its not available til the first quarter of next year though, so you wont be getting one for Christmas.
From the Nokia 3250 site:
Twist to access phone, camera, or music functions instantly
Play tracks and create playlists with the music player (MP3/eAAC+)
Memory expandable up to 1GB for 750 songs
Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, or email
Plug your own headphones into the connector jack in the headset cable
Snap photos and video with the integrated 2-megapixel digital camera
Share and publish your mobile memories via blogging

Nokia 7710 Mobile Phone

Nokia 7710 Mobile Phone
The Nokia 7710 mobile phone is a multimedia device packed with great features. The Nokia 7710’s design centres around its huge 640 x 320 pixel 65K TFT widescreen colour display. The Nokia 7710’s touch-sensitive screen allows high-resolution images taken by its 1 megapixel camera to be seen in all their glory!

The Nokia 7710 also features Quickoffice document viewers (Quickword Quickpoint Quicksheet) for those who want to work on the move a multimode Internet browser and Enhanced GPRS. The Nokia 7710 keeps you organised entertained and in the know!

Nokia 7710 Features
# Integrated 1 megapixel camera
# 65K TFT widescreen colour display
# Touch-screen
# HTML and XHTML multimode Internet browser
# RealPlayerâ„¢
# E-mail client
# Enhanced GPRS

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