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Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600
The Nokia 6600 phone features new advanced imaging features, including a bright 65,536-color TFT display and camera equipped with digital zoom.
These complement a built-in video recorder with audio and a RealOne player for playback and streaming of 3GPP-compatible and RealMedia video clips on the Nokia 6600.

Nokia 6600 Multimedia functions are enhanced by templates for MMS messages and a Media Gallery for organizing digital content captured or downloaded with the phone.

Advances in phone features include support for Java MIDP 2.0, True Tones, themes, and personalization of clock and calendar sounds.

Key Features of the Nokia 6600

* JAVA Technology

Digital Camera

Video Capture

Built in Handsfree

Memory Card Slot

32MB Card Included


Nokia 7250i

Nokia 7250i
The tri-band Nokia 7250i phone is an upgraded version of the Nokia 7250 phone. It offers XHTML support for a better mobile browsing experience, plus improved camera functions, enhanced MMS and inbox covers in exciting new colours.

The Nokia 7250i phone has an XHTML browser for a more graphical and colourful mobile browsing experience when youre on the go. Take pictures with the advanced built-in camera, with functions like zoom, contrast adjustment, slideshow and a night mode for low-light conditions. The image editor enables you to add text, frames and Clip Art images.

Enhanced MMS offers delivery reports for sent messages, advanced group messaging features and image scaling to reduce message size. Portrait image caller ID means you have the option of seeing a pre-set picture of the person whos calling you. Appealing audio features include a selection of pre-loaded ringing tones, a built-in stereo FM radio and the possibility to receive new polyphonic sounds through MMS, WAP or Nokia PC Suite.

Key Features

* Visually provocative design

XHTML Browser (over WAP Stack)

Integrated digital camera

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Tri-band phone works in three networks on five continents

Downloadable personal applications via Java technology

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data)

Image Uploader

Wallet over XHTML

Stereo FM radio

Handsfree speaker

Customizable and timed profiles

Polyphonic ringing tones

Wallpaper: Full screen color image

Changeable color schemes

Screen saver: Digital clock

Clock, alarm clock

Calculator, currency converter

Stopwatch, countdown timer

Connectivity options: IR and cable

Nokia 7610

nokia 7610
The Nokia 7610 is a powerful little phone posing as a bit of a style icon. The Nokia 7610 looks are innovative, but the keypad looks a bit fiddly to us.

Inside the Nokia 7610 you get a 1MB camera capable of giving you half-decent 64in printed pictures. The 7610 has 10 minutes video storage and editing software included, so you can play around with this for ages. The Nokia 7610 also has web browsing and the other standard Nokia mobile features.

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